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The Timetabling Course costs £545 non-residential and £745 residential

Timetabling with Timetabler is £595 non-residential and £795 residential


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If the event does not meet its stated aims, we will refund the fee in full. This application is an order to purchase.

On the basis of this, bookings are made with third parties who impose cancellation charges. In order to cover this, our cancellation charges are as follows: More than 14 days’ notice – no charge Less than 14 days’ notice but more than 3 working days – 50% of course fees Less than 3 working days’ notice – full fee Substitutions are accepted at any time and, providing sufficient notice is given, we are often able to transfer the applicant to the same event to be held at a later date. We reserve the right to cancel the event due to circumstances beyond our control.

If an event is cancelled our liability shall not exceed the fees paid for the course. An invoice will be sent at the same time as confirmation of booking and this must be paid within 30 days or before the event, whichever is the sooner.

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