Support for the School Timetabler

Each year timetablers are busy scheduling in school when they need some expert help.  One of the way in which I have provided help and support in recent years is by telephone ! 

The timetabler sends me a backup via email.  I set this up on my version of TimeTabler then I ring the timetabler.  We then work on the timetable together, both of us taking the same actions at the same time - a bit like synchronised swimming really !?!.  After a time when we have solved the problem, the timetabler gets back to work and it may be a day or so before we need to repeat the exercise with the next diffuculty.  This continues until the timetable is complete.  The fee is based simply on the amount of my time which is taken up.  The two schools that used this method last 'season' had bills considerably less than £150 !



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