School-Based Training

Where a small group of people from a school need timetabling training it is worth considering a school-based option. Some examples of school-based training currently on offer, are given below.


The Two-day Timetabling Course.

Essentially this is the Three day residential course compressed into two days.  It can be compressed because only two or three people will be involved and the content can be made to closely resemble the school in which it is delivered.  It is suitable for those who have no previous experience of timetabling or those who have some experience but wold like to use a more systematic approach.  It is ‘generic’ and does not assume the use of a specific computer program. Typical programme click here.

The Two-day “TimeTabler” Course

This is the shortened version of the three –day “Timetabling with TimeTabler” course.  It provides some essentials about the process of timetabling but then assumes that the school will do the actual construction using the computer program called “TimeTabler” Typical programme click here.

The One-day Pre-Nova Course.

This provides an essential guide to all the processes involved in preparing to construct a timetable.  It covers topics such as Schematic Diagrams, Combing Charts and Conflict Matrices.  This means that the people involved will be able to get more out of their four-day Nova training course.  They will know what questions to ask on the way through!  Typical programme click here.

The One-day TimeTabler Course.

This is designed for experienced timetablers who need to get to grips with TimeTabler.  It assumes a knowledge of how to move from the Curriculum plan t the stage where the data is to be entered in to TimeTabler  It can be tailored to the school so that the second half of the day can be done using the school’s own data. Typical programme click here.